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If you are a single mom and have a flair for writing, you might be interested to be a contributing writer. Being a writer can be healing, but also it helps single mothers to contribute to each other’s empowerment and success.

If it sounds like you, drop me a line about yourself, a topic you want to write about and a sample of your writing. Let  your story inspire other moms who visit this site.


If you are a socially ethical business, and would like to advertise your service or product that can benefit our diverse community of single mothers, please connect with us to learn about advertising opportunities.


We are always open to collaborating and sharing! If you have a collaborative idea in mind, we would love to hear from you!


If you are in a position to support other single mothers in need via grants and gift cards, we would be happy to make it happen! There is a lot of need, and we receive inquiries from mothers in Canada and the USA who are in need of help.

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