Free Money: Get Your Free $200!

Who wouldn’t benefit from getting free money? How about $200 in free money? The only condition to qualify is to be fed up with paying bank fees! No other catch or conditions and all is done in good faith.

So how can you get your $200 for free? The same way I did a few years ago when I switched to the best Canadian bank I believe there is – Tangerine. All I had to do was to open a FREE chequing account with them and see free money deposited into my bank account shortly after. To find out how and why I made the switch, and how much I saved with Tangerine so far read my detailed post here.

To keep things more concise on this page, I won’t go into all details again and will just say that this is one of the best financial decisions you can make for yourself. While getting $200 absolutely free is great, you will get so much more. Free chequing and other accounts for life, interest paid on every single account (regardless how much or little you have), and bonus interest rates on your current or future Tax-Free Saving Account (TFSA).

Here is a simple step-by-step guide you need to collect your free $200. All banking with Tangerine is done online, so no need to go to a branch.

  1. Open a FREE Tangerine Chequing Account with a minimum deposit of $100 and receive a $25 bonus cash deposit into your account.
  2. Use the bonus Orange Key 43305385S1 to unlock extra $50 cash deposit.
  3. Open a FREE TFSA or RRSP account with at least $100 deposit and receive another $25 bonus cash deposit.
  4. Switch your payroll direct deposit to your new Tangerine account, and receive another $100 bonus cash deposit after three months of receiving your payroll into your Free Tangerine account.

Best Chequing Account Canada

I have not paid a dime on any banking fees in the last three years. I earned a total of $200 free money bonus, saved over $400 in banking fees, and earned $125 on all my accounts even though I had very little in them.

As a busy single mother, I also appreciate that I don’t have to spend time on doing most of my banking at a branch. Tangerine has one of the best online and mobile banking platforms. This means I do all my cheque deposits, bill payments, and account transfers online. So go ahead, try it out and you will be wondering where this bank was all your life! 🙂

(Useful Tip: Tangerine is an innovative bank now owned by Scotiabank. If you need to withdraw or deposit cash you have unlimited free transactions at any Scotiabank and 7-Eleven stores that have Scotiabank ATM machines).