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Powerful Motivation From Famous Single Moms

Motivation from Famous Single Moms

Being a single mother can feel very lonely. Dealing with the emotional trauma of divorce, custody battle, financial drain, and plain exhaustion takes a toll even for the strongest of us. This is when reading and listening to other single mothers sharing their inspiring stories becomes crucial.

Everything seems that much harder when you feel alone in your quest to persevere and prosper despite the adversity. Everything seems much easier when you get inspired by other single moms who were in your shoes once and are now in a place of abundance, joy, and personal accomplishment.

These famous single mothers are living proof that all is possible with faith, perseverance, and the right financial mindset. Regardless of where you currently are with your finances, emotional state, and life goals, you can draw powerful inspiration from these moms.

1. Lisa Nichols

Today, Lisa Nichols is a famous motivational speaker who owns her own multi-million dollar company and enjoys traveling the world coaching others to succeed. Lisa is very open about her very real past struggles as a single mom with only $12 to her name. Watch this short video to learn what was the turning point for her.

2. Maria Montessori

Everyone today knows about Montessori schools and Montessori’s highly regarded and unique education methodology. Yet, most people are unaware that its founder Maria Montessori was a single mother who overcame some of the most challenging of times. When she was abandoned with a child, this strong woman showed an incredible strength and determination. Not only she was a capable parent and educational innovator, Maria Montessori also became the first female doctor in the history of Italy. Read Maria’s inspirational story to see that you can achieve the impossible!

3. Natascha Ragosina

Everyone knows that single mothers are very tough. Even if they were not born that way, they become that way to care and provide for their children who depend and look up to them. Natascha Ragosina, who is a single mom to her son, is also an undefeated world champion in boxing. By keeping her focus on this powerful goal, Natascha showed that single moms are not only super tough but also can make a very successful career out of it!

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4. Linda Mooneyham (Linda Armstrong)

This famous single mom proves that it is possible to overcome extreme financial and emotional difficulties and raise a world champion! Linda is the mother of Lance Armstrong – the world champion in road race cycling. Coming from a poor and abusive environment, Linda found new strength in her baby son Lance.

As she writes in her autobiography, “My son was my salvation. Binding myself to him set me free. Raising him uplifted me. His father chose a different road. I hope with all my heart it took him home.”

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5. J. K. (Joanne) Rowling

From struggling to provide for her children with welfare money to becoming Britain’s 13th wealthiest woman, Rowling is one of the most famous single moms who beat all odds. By becoming a literary sensation with her world-famous Harry Potter books, J.K. showed that with a little imagination and hard work everything is possible. Watch her inspiring story below.

Whenever you need that extra boost of motivation that you can do it, come to this page for some inspiration! For more examples of famous single moms who left a great mark in this world, check out this list of Top 100 Most Inspiring Single Mothers. There are, of course, millions of amazing and inspiring single moms out there who might not be world-famous, but do an amazing job of rising above their struggles and creating a better life for their children. Personally, I think every single mom has it in her to succeed and prosper, and it is only a matter of time and the right focus on her part.

Want to share another inspiring story of a famous single mom? Feel free to post in the comments below!


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