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Welcome to Single Mom Prosperity – a personal blog and online resource about smart money strategies and saving tips for single mothers.

My name is Nina and I am a single mother from Canada. I started this blog to share effective strategies to make and save more money. When I became a single mom I was in the worst financial situation possible. I had no job, no savings, and zero financial support from my family. I didn’t expect to be a single parent and raise my child without any support and was terrifyingly unprepared. Becoming a single mother was one of the toughest things to go through. Yet, this experience pushed me to learn the most valuable money lessons and make a quantum leap in my financial health.

I am not an accountant or a financial advisor. My knowledge comes from real-life experiences that proved to work well for me as a single mother. Today, I have a great career and work full-time in a corporate sector. Of course, as many single mothers know, having a solid income is not sufficient to build a truly prosperous life. Income taxes, housing costs, and monthly bills can make it difficult to get beyond the paycheck-to-paycheck living. That’s where proven money making and saving strategies can help you to advance financially.

To make the most of my finances, I research and test legitimate ways to make extra income and maximize my savings. I invite you to learn from my personal trials and errors (as well as successes) by reading this blog.

My goal is to contribute to single mothers’ empowerment by sharing proven financial strategies and money tips. I believe single mothers can create a brighter and more secure future for their family with simple financial tweaks and effective money management.



Want to write for Single Mom Prosperity blog?

If you are a single mom and have a flair for writing, you might be interested to be a contributing writer to this site. If so, drop me a line about yourself, the financial topic you want to write about and a sample of your writing. If you have a financial success story as a single mom, I would love to share it so it can inspire others who visit this site.